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If someone is too direct he must have bad intentions as they re very discrete. Unlike other cruising parks this is a busy park with straight people normally with many cafe houses in the vicinity, but mostly straight acting, bear gay man are also always around, usually sitting on benches around the pool. Action is not possible naturally.

This street is always busy with people which also connects Taksim square to the most of the gay venues located on back-streets around it, and you can bump into many gay, bi and bi-curious people along the way. Of course, it is not a place to go for cruising on purpose. While you walk along the Istiklal, you can use eye-contact if you keep your "gaydars" open. But make sure the person you meet is not involved in scam-bar business. If someone is too direct and friendly all of a sudden, and this conversation seems to be ending in visiting a bar or club he recommends, get rid of him immediately.

The parks in Sultanahmet are comparatively safer, but there is no such a very visible gay scene. The small park behind the Sultanahmet tramcar station and the corner of the park behind the light show seats of Blue mosque the upper part of Arasta Bazaar' s entrance can be more suitable for cruising in the evenings.

There is no cruising atmosphere at day time in any of the parks in Sultanahmet.

It is a waterfront by the coastal road, covered with big rocks and concrete waterfront. There is no visible gay scene here also. There are single people or groups of guys drinking and young ghetto boys swimming and lying on the rocks in summer time. Some local gay men hang out here frequently in Summer. If your hotel is in Sultanahmet, you can try this place for a couple of hours in early evenings, at least to get a little sun tan.

Do not stay long after dark. When you come from Sultanahmet walk into Gulhane Park's main gate from the tramcar street, and get out from the gate at the other end of the park. You will be right there.

Kadikoy Park Kadikoy is the major residential district on the Asian part of Istanbul. The coastal area, the parks near Kadikoy-Besiktas Iskelesi the older ferry pier in Kadikoy , the breakwater the one with light house are well-known gay cruising areas. These places usually get cruisy in the evening. There is no obvious gay atmosphere at day time.

In summer time the breakwater can be more busy during the day, especially on weekends, when you can see people sitting on the breakwater's wall, lying on the rocks, fishing or drinking beer.

Istanbul Gay Cruising Areas & Mobile Aplications

You can get to Kadikoy from Eminonu, Kabatas and Karakoy piers by ferryboats, journey lasting about minutes. Then one night at 1: They said: It's our house. I didn't see them before. You have big problem. Give us money and leave our house".

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I was shocked and scared, but didn't give them a lira and told them to go away or I would call the police. They laughed, but left. The owner of the apartment knew details of the incident, but didn't help. So in a shock moved to a hotel not far from Gulhane Park in Old City. I left a negative review on owner's apartment. That's it: The area isn't safe and bohemian at all. The neighbors aren't hospitable. Even if you say "Iyi aksamlar" "Good evening" every time you meet them when climbing the house staircase, they think they can interfere in your private life.

The steep spiral staircase in the house is mostly unlighted during nighttime and it has no safety fence on the top floors, so there is a risk to accidentally fall down and break your neck.

Istanbul Beaches

There is a gape between the window panes opposite the sleeping area in the flat. And there was no heating during the cold nights of late September, so I got a cold. Besides, there are no thick non-transparent curtains to keep your privacy and everyone from the opposite house can watch everything happening in your flat. The cooktop is quite weak, and it takes almost half an hour to cook your scrambled eggs.

According to the policies of this site I wasn't allowed to describe the horrible incident happened to me in this property, but to make a long story short I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. And that was her response: This was a very very risky behaviour. The result of inviting home strangers met around was an aggression , he said.

But this is not our fault. There s no point in taking revenge of us by writing such a feed back.. Cihangir area is very safe, as any istanbul guide can easily confirm. But it s islamic, and this guest was not discreet at all. It is very unfair to find out problems about our apt I understood how unlucky I was to stay in the most homophobic area of Istanbul. These are other evidences:. I am really for the for the bad experience..

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Let me copy just a quick list of homophobic attacks from United Kingdom in the last few years, for example. The victim was subjected to homophobic abuse at a bus stop on The Strand, before he was then repeatedly punched in the head. Scotland Yard have stated that the offenders were two white men in their twenties wearing dark jackets.

After the attack, they fled towards Trafalgar Square. Mariia Kovalchuk.

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